QR Code Fridge Magnet

Still putting in a lot of money into social media to post your advertisement? Have you thought of instead of keep pulling in new customers, you can actually build up your royal customer base by Advertising Fridge Magnet?

How? Let MK Magnet show you now!

Firstly, giving out a advertising fridge magnet to your clients when delivering your goods. REMEMBER! Since you got the chance to enter their home, why not directly leave your adv in their home to remind them always about your business?

So this is a very important step, leave “yourself” in your client home ok?!

Secondly, leaving a fridge magnet sticking on the fridge might not be enough. At this century, we talk about speed, concern about convenience and effectiveness.

Suggesting more advance level to your adv, put in a QR code into your advertising fridge magnet and customized to your info. Let the QR scan lead to your page, your menu, your contact that direct lead them to place in order with your immediately, more effectively and easier.

Custom fridge magnet – QR code leading to Whatsapp directly place in their order with you
Custom fridge magnet – QR code leading to menu and order page to direct place in their order

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