Servicing Lines

Once you have the chance to step into your clients, how dare you not to leave yourself in the house and stick there forever? Do you know you have just committed a CRIME?!

Old days businesses could not go without a business card / name card. However, we are living in a new era, new norm time. Businesses could not go without an advertising fridge magnet.

Stick your brand and your contact in your client house fridge. It will be exposed to everyone, everyday, everytime when you visit the fridge and how many times you have been to the fridge today? More they see you, more
impressions in front of your clients, the more they remember you.

Flexible Fridge Magnet / 4M Thickness Fridge Magnet

Whiteboard fridge magnet

Whiteboard fridge magnet

Others Calender Fridge Magnet / Photo Frame Fridge Magnet

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