Magnetic Bookmark

Magnetic Bookmark is a brilliant way to promote your company in branding and image. It helps to find back what is left behind on another day from done reading with your branding bookmark. Best as to compare with ordinary bookmark is that those paper bookmark will drop off and being lost easily. Wheres magnetic bookmark holds well on the page where need to be catch up again.

Only by finding you, the reader can continue where they are left behind. By searching your bookmark, each time will again expose to your branding and image. Once and again and repeating all time to have you in the readers’ mind – therefore a very powerful marketing tool for it.

Standard sizes for magnetic bookmarks as shown above as following:

Open Size: 30mm x 160mm
Close Size: 30mm x 80mm

Open Size: 30mm x 200mm
Close Size: 30mm x 100mm

Open Size: 25mm x 200mm
Close Size: 25mm x 100mm

Bookmark magnet can always be customized into any size and shape as well that suit to your need:
Custom your own magnetic bookmark suit to your branding and image. You can even make your branding stick and stand out. It will become more visible to be seen even to others who do not own it as well.
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