Magnetic Bookmark

The Magnetic Bookmark is an ingenious tool for enhancing your company’s branding and image. It not only serves as a convenient way to mark your place in a book but also ensures that you can easily find where you left off, thanks to its magnetic properties. Unlike ordinary paper bookmarks that easily fall out and get lost, the magnetic bookmark securely holds its position on the page.

By using the magnetic bookmark, readers are prompted to reconnect with your branding and image each time they pick up their book. This repeated exposure helps solidify your presence in their minds, making it a highly effective marketing tool. It offers a powerful means to stay engaged with your audience and ensure that your company remains at the forefront of their thoughts.

Standard sizes for magnetic bookmarks as shown above as following:

Open Size: 30mm x 160mm
Close Size: 30mm x 80mm

Open Size: 30mm x 200mm
Close Size: 30mm x 100mm

Open Size: 25mm x 200mm
Close Size: 25mm x 100mm

Bookmark magnet can always be customized into any size and shape as well that suit to your need:
Custom your own magnetic bookmark suit to your branding and image. You can even make your branding stick and stand out. It will become more visible to be seen even to others who do not own it as well.
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