MK Chalkboard Paint

MK Water-based Chalkboard Paint is a new product our company has develop, especially for children that have doodled on the wall. The product uses Germany’s newest paint formula, and contains no noxious VOC. The color is vivid: the paint healthier, environmentally sound, and more durable than traditional solvent type chalkboard paints. The chalk writing on the chalkboard can be removed easily with duster or soft towel.

Suitable Location

Kitchen, Office, Children’s rooms, Kids Playroom, Kindergarden, Studio, Bar, etc

Suitable Surfaces

Wall, Wood, Pottery, Glass, Plastic, Metal (except iron).

How to apply chalkboard paint

It is as easy as 1-2-3

First mix well the paint.

Second, just apply the chalkboard paint on the surface that you want with normal paint brush.

Let the paint sit and dry over night and you are start writing on it with any color chalks!

Happy Painting!!

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