F&B & Food Industrial

Food Industrial always works as a partner with Advertising Fridge Magnet?
May I ask when you feel like munching or hungry, or when you are about to prepare a meal, where will you head?

Therefore, when food and fridge are related and if your Advertising Fridge Magnet that appear right in front of your customer, everyday seeing, everyday being reminded and whenever they need the food, your advertisement already working hard for you to fight for the first brand, first brand, first place in your customer mind to keep asking them to re order from you.

Especially if you have the food delivery service for your restaurant or your food products, QR quote, contact, Facebook etc are important to place on your customer fridge door. Your repeat order might not be the same person in the same household if they favor your food taste because everyone in the household can access and connect with you easily.

In other words, being the first brand, being the first choice by your customers is important and your fridge magnets definitely can work hard to
help to build the connection between you and your customers.

Increase the repeat order not only from the same person, but from the same household by every member in the household. If so, why wait? Order your refrigerator magnets now!!!

Fridge magnet material:
Flexible Magnet / 4M Thickness Fridge Magnet

Fridge Magnet as Branding

Interactive Fridge Magnet with Clients

Always Favors Fridge Magnet by Delivery Service

Fridge Magnet as Collection Series

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