Transporter / Logistic / Mover

Old days, businesses couldn’t go without a Name Card / Business Card. Now era, new norm now, businesses couldn’t go without an Advertising Fridge Magnet.

Why Advertising Fridge Magnet?

  • People won’t keep name cards anymore. Most of the time they might not even save your number and end up in the dustbin.
    So Make Your Brand / Contact Stick Up! Always remind your clients about your services.
  • People even store your number but not all time needed for your services. When they need it, they might not remember you, or didn’t remember they even stored your number before, or worst, they forgot what name they store your contact as and couldn’t even remember your name.
    So Make Your Brand / Contact Stick Up! And your clients know where to find you always.

Flexible fridge magnet / 4m thickness fridge magnet

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