Whiteboard Fridge Magnet

MK Magnet provide all sort of fridge magnet printing for all purpose such as advertising magnets, personalized gift, anniversary gifts, corporate gift, premium gift, wedding door gift etc. with own custom size, shape and volume.

One of the most common and favored by lot of corporate and companies as to promote their branding is through whiteboard fridge magnet. Print and custom your own fridge magnetic whiteboard as advertising magnet. For sure will not be thrown away into dustbin and be useful to your customers and make your marketing long lasting.

Pre-print your company logo, or image, or info, as for branding purpose and turn the fridge magnet into re-writable board for their clients to keep to write memo may help to pro long the advertising purpose. The magnetic re-writable whiteboard will be stick on for future memo use.

Turning the fridge magnet into magnetic whiteboard can comes in various sizes, up to your own choice, and even you can custom with different shapes to make it more attractive for people to keep and be used all time.

Magnetic Whiteboard Pen is a great partner to come with the fridge magnetic whiteboard. The pen comes with 1 end of magnet that can stick on the fridge or the whiteboard itself to prevent missing it at somewhere and may come handy and conveniently useful all time. Moreover, it comes with an eraser so that memo can be easily remove and re-write all time without worry to search up and down what to be use to erase the notes.
Standard and the most popular sizes for magnetic whiteboard:
  • 95mm x 130mm (Small Size)
  • 95mm x 190mm (Medium Size)
  • 135mm x 165mm (Big Size)
Magnetic whiteboard can also be produced as more thickness as our 4M Thickness Fridge Magnet material.
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