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Can you know that giving out a fridge magnet would have the chance to save a person’s life? Why would it be?

Ambulance fridge magnet:
Do you know that most of the hospitals don’t have their own ambulance service? So if you call into the hospital line, you might get delayed and be transferred over and over, delaying waiting calls till you get to the right place to engage an ambulance to come to your place to rescue a critical patient? That’s why it is important to give the ambulance fridge magnets so that patients will be sent to the right hospital in no time.

Hospital / Clinic / Dental fridge magnet:
If you don’t know who the doctors whom your illness family members / friends have been seeing, when a patient’s situation becomes critical, how are you going to help? Yes, give out a hospital, clinic, or doctor fridge magnets, let your
patients stick the fridge magnet up on their fridge and the whole family members will know who to directly call to get the first help when they are in the critical moments and that would save a life. Moreover, not just giving first help with fridge magnet contact sticks up there, but also becomes a high referral marketing tool from 1 family to another family.

Hotline in residential area:
If there is an emergency that unfortunately happened in your house, do you know the direct line to call up

  • your management / guide house?
  • the nearest and right police / fire station?
  • the nearest and right TNB (Tenaga) station?

Hotline fridge magnets always are best to have 1 at home and even a kid would know where to find the contact when an emergency / accident / broke in happened in their house.

Medical fridge magnet:
Educate your clients, their family members, and even friends about your goods, and the usage that builds the great bond and trust to your products that gives you a high referral business too. Always seeing your info, your brand, and you will become the 1st most trusted medical brand in your clients mind.

Trust the fridge magnets, because it is not just a fridge magnet. It is also an education tool to educate adults and children about
safety guideline, when emergency happen where they can seek the direct and right contact for first help immediately, and also it is also a tool that might able to save your life that you would be appreciate that you received one from your hospital, your doctor and your residential community.

Fridge Magnet Materials:
Flexible Magnet / 4M Thickness Fridge Magnet

Hospital / Ambulance / Clinic Fridge Magnets

Hotline / Emergency Fridge Magnets

Dentist / Medical fridge Magnets

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