Car Door Magnet Advertising

Car Door Magnet Advertising
Water Proof . Durable . Full Color Printing
Turn your vehicle into business advertising just in a second

MK Magnet, a magnet printing company, the only company in Malaysia printing the car door magnet supplying across the Asia Pacific Region now, with the lowest 2pcs order as minimum.

What is Car Door Magnet?

Print your advertisement on the magnets, which are waterproof and apply them on your vehicle doors as a great exposure marketing tool.

Why Car Door Magnet Advertising?

Applying the car door magnet is easy, and it is easy to remove and reapply. You can apply the car magnets anything, at anywhere and anytime. In other words, it is easy and flexible and up to your choice where and when to apply and remove the vehicle advertising magnets as you wish.

The Advantage Car Door Advertising Magnets vs. Car Sticker Advertising Printing

Car door magnet is flexible in usage, easy to apply, and most important it is cost effective.

1) Flexibility and Reusable

Magnet can always be removed and re apply anything, at anywhere on the vehicle. Whereas car sticker advertising is non flexible at all as once apply it is not able to be removed easily. Once the car sticker is being removed, it is not recyclable and not able to reapply again.

2) Easy to apply
Vehicle magnet require no professional needs to apply it. The magnets can be re placed and be removed just in a second by anyone of us. Wheres Car Sticker do need a professional skills and time to stick it on the vehicle.

3) Lower in term of costing
Car Advertising Magnet require NO special professional installer fees for installation the magnet. In term of cost will be much higher as in car sticker advertising printing and installation.

Advantages of Printing Car Door Magnets
  • Weekday: Apply the vehicle advertising magnets for advertising purpose / company use
  • Weekend: Remove vehicle magnets anytime so that back to private car and for family and occasion use car
  • “Not” permanently advertisement on vehicle
  • Flexible & Easy to apply & remove the car magnets, not require professional or installation
  • Long lasting advertisement and marketing way with low cost require
  • High exposure of advertisement during traffic jam
  • Car Magnet is easily storage
Who can apply car door magnet as advertising?
  • Hotels
  • Logistic / Public transport companies
  • Funeral Parlour
  • Car Rental
  • Agents: property, MLM, Direct sales, Insurance etc.
  • Online companies / Online business / Home base business
  • Construction site … and many more up to your creativities

Custom shape and size is available for car door magnet. Please direct contact us for more info and quotation for FREE.

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