MK Magnetic Paint

MK Water-based Magnetic Paint is a primer with magnetic properties that can transform any surface to one that can attract magnets. The paint is VOC free and ECO friendly. It can be applied on flat or curved surfaces. It can attract and holds any light magnetic objects such as fridge magnets, magnetic cards, photos, posters and notes that have magnetic properties. No need to drill holes or hammer nails into the wall.

Suitable Surfaces

Firm walls, bamboo, wood, cement,
pottery, plastic and metal surfaces.

Suitable Locations

Classroom, Kindergarden, Kids Playroom, Bedroom, Offices, Photo walls, Recreation Centers, Message Boards,
Furniture Surfaces, etc.

How to apply Magnetic Paint:

Min. 3 layers of magnetic paint to have the function. More layers would improve the suction to magnet.

However, the type of magnets behind the object and the weights of the object that you are going to stick do play a big part on the outcome of how the objects can be stick well on the magnetic wall.

First, you need to mix the paint well. You can apply the paint with normal paint brush just like normal paint.

After applying the 1st layer, wait about 10 to 15mins to dry and re apply the paint again. Repeat the step 3 times.

500ml magnetic paint can cover 24 sq feet surface with 3 layers.

For any questions regarding our magnetic paint, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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