Magnetic Notepad / Magnetic StickyNote

Having your clients to keep your info, meanwhile make it more valuable by just adding a notepad or sticky-note (post-it-note). For sure to be kept on most visible, nearest and convenient place to make note of some important messages and memo with your magnetic notepad.

Every used of the fridge magnet note equal to adding more times in reminding your clients of your services. Keeping a long term relationship between you and your clients, and exposure to more new your potential future customers.

Adding more values onto your advertising magnets help your sales grow another 20% all time.

MK Magnet Notepad Magnet had been done in various form and thanks to all our customers been giving us to develop many types and idea of our magnetic note product.

However, there is a most commonly ordered by our value clients.

Size: 70mm (w) x 100mm (h)

Notepad or Stickynote pad size: 55mm x 55mm; 50ply

We can always customized for your clients with different shape on magnet, more color prints on notepad /stickynote, whether you want full back or half back with magnet or even thicker version magnet.

4M Thickness Magnetic Notepad with full back magnet

Flexible Fridge Magnet with NotePad with full back magnet
Non full back fridge magnet notepad

Fridge Magnet Notepad comes in handle to keep your all your contacts and info to draw the relationship with your clients. Feel free to send in your inquiries and ideas.

Your ideas, your messages, our production.

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