Custom Fridge Magnet Printing

Custom Fridge Magnet – your idea, your design, your shape, our production.

Think of anything that you may able to make up from a fridge magnet in term of the shape and size, we produce it for you.

Design the shape to your way, representing the company branding and image, set a good marketing way to promote the company imagine and advertise the products to the clients.

The unique design of your fridge magnet would set as eye catchy to your clients to keep your brand or products in mind all time and more willing to be display on their fridge door, or even on their CPU etc place.

To get quote your custom advertising fridge magnet, email to us together with the size and quantity to

When want to know more how can advertising magnet help to increase your sales, call us @ +6019-280 7731 to get FREE consulting about MK Magnet Advertising Fridge Magnet.

To have a different thickness of the fridge magnet, click here.

Each of the magnets is come with a PP bag insert as finishing
Advertising Magnets’ material is flexible and flat image

Custom fridge magnet not only to the design, the shape &  the size with your choice of Gloss or Matte finishing.

You can also choose 2 different type of materials:

  1. Flexible Magnet
  2. 4M Thickness Magnet



Samples as below:

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