4M Thickness Fridge Magnet

Looking for thick fridge magnet without adding the weights? Definitely MK Magnet – 4M Thickness Fridge Magnet.

MK Magnet had came out with our own new inventory of fridge magnet printing which become more premium and increasing the magnet volume in term of thickness, yet not adding on too much extra weight on it as everyone know fridge magnet is an item with some weights.

Thick Advertising Magnet is suitable for any companies, agents, home base / online businesses etc. to promote their services, products and even branding by designing it in your own very unique and presenting image and branding.

MK Magnet 4M Thickness Advertising Magnet – non flexible with end product 3mm thickness and full back magnet.

MK Magnet 4M magnet not just only can be produced in just advertising, different shapes and sizes, but it also can be done in different products as to your creativity.

Unique shape into your own branding
Thick Advertising Magnet with Notepad
Custom wipe away labeling magnet
Anything that you name it, your ideas, our production to your creativity. Just email us your quotation with size, quantity and shape to mkmsupply@gmail.com. Let MK Magnet marketing team quote the pricing.
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